A selection of works from exhibitions and residencies


Hospital Bakery. Installations for Performance Piece. Sweden. 2018
 FESTIVALEN 13. Install for drawing performance Gothenburg, Sweden 2018
Drawing with thread – Konstrunden i Blekinge, Sweden 2017                         
2. Drawing - sunlight and thread. Sweden 2017
Drawing with thread – Konstrunden i Blekinge, Sweden 2017 
4. Chair cast - Chinese silk, wax. Sweden 2017.
Cast of local chair – Konstrunden i Blekinge, Sweden 2017                         
Chair in Sea from Fallen Cottage. East Yorkshire. 2017
Rising – Art Licks, St John Bethnal Green Gallery, London, UK. 2017
Materiality of PlaceBaar , Zug, Switzerland 2016
Materiality of Place – Baar, Zug, Switzerland 2016


Visit 14 Residency – Småland, Sweden. 2014


Jackets of Geneology. Sweden 2014
Visit 14 Residency – Småland, Sweden. 2014




                                       Thread Drawing – Visit 14 Residency – Sweden 2014 10583789_10152311483248499_1193689128721630462_nIMG_2682


‘Drawing a Line’ Sussex chalk, woodlands – Sussex 2014

??????????????????????????????? 2 blue painted trees re size for email (1)

‘Marking trees with blue pigment’  woodlands – Sussex 2014

IMG_2733   IMG_2737

‘Silver birch marked with (Falu Rödfärg) red earth paint’ woodlands Visit 14 – Sweden 2014

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‘Wrapped dead trees’ Chinese red thread – Visit 14 – Sweden 2014

film still

Film Stills, Copy of Chinese ancestral jacket, East Yorkshire coastline and in Sussex woodlands 2013

??????????????????????????????? print-2

‘Otherness of Ordinary Things’ – Dust drawing and print of handmade jacket
with red thread, re-interpreted from the original jacket
made to be burnt for ancestors in China 2013 (ink, chalk and charcoal powder)

  water 1 ???????????????????????????????

‘Rain Drawing on Seas Surface’ Iona – Scotland     ‘Blue Pigment on Found Stone’, beach Iona – Scotland 2013

4 (2)    'Chalk Spill' Chuzenji Lake, Japan 2012

‘Chalk throw’ Sussex chalk powder          ‘Chalk Spill’ Sussex chalk – Lake Chuzenji,Japan 2012

Cornwall 2012


‘Drawing’ Sussex chalk, Japanese Basalt sand – Sussex   2012  


Drawing H. Goodwin. eSCARpment

‘eSACRpment’ Swedish paper,Sussex charcoal   ‘Absent Presence‘ casts of Chinese pump shoes, raw silk, Japanese basalt, Sussex charcoal 2012

  edge 2ESCARPMENT    Erosion of cliff edge Sussex

(detail)- ‘eSCARpment’ Swedish paper, Sussex silver birch charcoal 2012. Cliff Edge, Burling Gap, Sussex 2012

Temp-Con-1   2011-08-temp-con-6

‘Temporary Connections’ Collaboration with artist Karen Rann for ‘VARC’ Northumberland. Silage wrap and sheep fleece 2010


Installation (details) Chinese red thread, Sussex and Smalands Charcoal – Mat och Friehet Residency, Sweden – 2011

drawing 3  water2

Drawings – ‘Blood Line’ – ‘Blood Spill’ red earth from cliff fall – COAST residency Scotland 2009

Blue Circle in Snow. Scotland 2009  snow circles print 40x50cm (6)

‘Walking Drawing in Snow’ marked in blue pigment – COAST residency Scotland 2009

'ancestral suits, crushed sand stone' 2010 blood ties

‘Chinese Ancestral Jackets in Red Earth’              ‘Blue Pigment Laid on Red Earth’ – Chinese red thread – COAST residency – Scotland 2009

Sculpture 4 detail-paper-cast-chair-paper-40cm-x-30-cm  Dancing in Salt 'Sugar and Salt' Sweden 2004

‘Qing Dynasty Chair’ (detail) cast from paper    ‘Facilitator for SUGAR & SALT’ Sweden-China 2002 – Image by Carl Rytterfalk